About Us

We are an independent research team striving to offer the highest quality, impartial insights into consumer health products from both an economic and scientific perspective.

Our Editorial Standards

RightHealth’s guiding ethos is to only recommend products that we would use ourselves. Unfortunately, the poorly kept secret of today’s mainstream consumer guides is that many simply recommend whichever product generates the highest “commission” for the publisher. We launched this website precisely to challenge this unacceptable status quo.

Our frustration with the lack of transparency of some publications was the spark that motivated us to act, and today we put integrity at the heart of all that we do. Consumers deserve access to unbiased and honest information and we stop at nothing to deliver it. We do not accept payment, free goods, or any other form of compensation to feature particular items. Our selections and opinions are ours alone and are never influenced by third parties.

Our Stringent Vetting Process

No article reaches the pages of our website without a thorough review conducted by an editor. We only ever link to credible medical sources. An average guide or review on RightHealth.com requires 12 hours of research and investigation. The following cornerstone principles are the foundation on which our website is built:

  • Evidence-based: we only ever cite high quality scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Verifiable market research: we leave no stone unturned in our investigations and we draw on the experiences of real consumers. This can be particularly helpful in getting a sense of the quality of a firm’s customer service. We also welcome consumers to describe their experiences with products and companies on our website.
  • Testing: our team purchase products directly from manufacturers and do not receive or request test samples. This provides us with additional first-hand insight into the quality of a product and the standards of service upheld by the supplier.
  • Comprehensiveness: our reviews are typically signficantly longer and more detailed than those found in other publications. This is a product of our relentless commitment to offer the best available insight into every topic we tackle.
  • Transparent disclosure: like all publishers, we do require income sources in order to sustain our website and fairly compensate our reviewers. Articles containing Amazon affiliate links are clearly labeled as such. Those with an eager eye will notice that we don’t recommend products retailed by any other ecommerce website. Importantly, Amazon offer the same commission share on every product within a category. We uphold this policy as a means of demonstrating our commitment to unbiased selections. We do not receive a higher comission for selecting one product over another. This is one layer of a multi-faceted approach to ensuring our editorial integrity is upheld, now and forever.

Our Expert Contributors & Editorial Team

Tom Stevenson, BSc

Tom Stevenson, BSc

Tom serves as co-editor of RightHealth.com and specializes in comprehensive review articles. As an economics graduate and retail consultant, he prides his work on in-depth research and impartiality.

Making sound decisions in the products we buy is important to everyone. Tom strives to get to the bottom of every product he researches and his “Buyer’s Guide” articles are a must read for anyone determined to get the right item at the right price. Feel free to email him with your questions.

Alice Mecklenburg, BSc

Alice Mecklenburg, BSc

Alice is an editor of RightHealth.com and our primary staff researcher. She is an Applied Medical Sciences graduate of the University of London — a global hub for medical research. Her passion is writing and she strives to make complex subjects accessible to our entire audience.

When approaching a topic, Alice makes it her goal to cover subjects in great detail. Her evidence-based writing model is both scientific and thorough. Alice welcomes queries from readers regarding her work and on all other consumer-related issues.

Jennifer Cook, BA

Jennifer Cook, BA

Jennifer is an ardent devotee of the best practice implementation of skincare and beauty regimens. She is an experienced aesthetic practitioner with a keen eye for detail.

Indeed, she draws on both research and first-hand practice to deliver incisive analysis of market-leading beauty products. Her encyclopedic knowledge in the field can be seen in her insights into both the quality and value for money offered by these products.

RightHealth’s History

RightHealth.com was made famous as the ground-breaking vertical search engine developed by Kosmix. In its original form, the website had an extremely wide scope, covering every conceivable health topic by coupling expert opinions with content generated on-the-fly.

The original Kosmix-founded RightHealth.com had an innovative approach to health on the web, but it also had major limitations. Content generated by algorithms can lack the quality and depth of editorial material and the website also suffered from reliability issues.

The new RightHealth.com addresses these problems by employing a team of professional health writers working with a clean, state-of-the-art website. Kosmix became part of the WalmartLabs family in 2011 and RightHealth.com is today owned by a new, independent company.

Our vision is simple: RightHealth is all about connecting people to the information that matters to them. We are strictly independent and we don’t enter into any partnerships with brands or favor any one brand over another.

In each review and buyer’s guide our team spend hours researching the market to dig up valuable and topical advice. This equips you with the knowledge you need to make better buying decisions.

Today, the sheer quantity of available products in any given category can overwhelm even the most patient of consumers. Marketing tactics can be deceptive and misleading — leading to a situation in which it is difficult to separate truth from fiction.

This is the dilemma that we strive to solve with each and every article.

What People Said About RightHealth.com

“How do you create breadth and depth in content pages and make it a satisfying user experience is a big and hard problem… Kosmix has firmly established the lead in how this is going to happen.”

-Jonathan Miller News Corporation’s Chief Digital Officer

“I use Kosmix as a starting point to explore great content. It gives me a snapshot of any topic where I can check out photos, videos, news and blogs, all on one page… “

-Anne D’Angelo

“Kosmix shows me the latest from my favorite bands, cool destinations for my next vacation and what’s hot in fashion right now. I get the inside scoop on everything I love, all in one place…”

-Amy Sweeney

What The RightHealth.com Team Said About Their Product

“At our core is a sophisticated categorization engine that scours billions of Web pages and structured data points to aggregate, categorize, and return content specifically related to a user’s query. Kosmix automatically arranges each set of results into a magazine-style topic page, giving you a mix of immersive content and new connections.”

How RightHealth is Supported

RightHealth participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This affiliate advertising program is designed to allow our website to earn fees (or commissions) from qualifying purchases by linking to products featured on Amazon.com. You can find out more about the Amazon affiliate program here.

Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

We never compromise our editorial standards and we only recommend products that we would utilize ourselves.

Our participation in these programs provides funds that support our writers and our mission of offering the best advice on consumer health products anywhere online.