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What People Said About RightHealth.com

"How do you create breadth and depth in content pages and make it a satisfying user experience is a big and hard problem... Kosmix has firmly established the lead in how this is going to happen."

-Jonathan Miller News Corporation's Chief Digital Officer

"I use Kosmix as a starting point to explore great content. It gives me a snapshot of any topic where I can check out photos, videos, news and blogs, all on one page... "

-Anne D'Angelo

"Kosmix shows me the latest from my favorite bands, cool destinations for my next vacation and what's hot in fashion right now. I get the inside scoop on everything I love, all in one place..."

-Amy Sweeney

What The RightHealth.com Team Said About Their Product

"At our core is a sophisticated categorization engine that scours billions of Web pages and structured data points to aggregate, categorize, and return content specifically related to a user's query. Kosmix automatically arranges each set of results into a magazine-style topic page, giving you a mix of immersive content and new connections."